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Rebman Systems

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Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0

The goal of Rebman Systems is to customize systems to your needs. By reviewing your protection concerns, our trained professionals can determine what systems will work best for your business or family.

Our superior product line is matched by the sophistication of our support network. Rebman Systems is based on our professional service and reputation for quality installation. When Rebman Systems completes the job, we have done our best to provide a safer environment for your company or home.

FIRE ALARM NOTIFICATION SYSTEMS - Life safety and property protection are strong concerns for everyone. Electronic fire alarm and notification systems are some times required to be installed and inspected to meet local codes. Fire systems may also require a high level of service. New technology offers alternate methods of monitoring fire alarms through internet and cellular communication to save on the cost of dedicated phone lines. Yes, I mean no dedicated phone lines! RSI is a HONEYWELL SILENT KNIGHT fire alarm systems dealer.

INTRUSION ALARMS - A reliable security system is an important investment in controlling losses by detecting unauthorized entry into any building. RSI can provide an electronic system to deter and detect criminal activity, send response quickly, and provide information that will enable security personnel to apprehend and prosecute individuals posing a threat. Rebman Systems installs a full line of HONEYWELL intrusion equipment.

NETWORK CAMERA SURVEILLANCE & DIGITAL CAMERA RECORDING - You will be pleasantly surprised with the effective addition of digital camera surveillance systems. This type of system has provided a deterrent to reduce criminal activity and has increased apprehension of criminals. The current technology allows for video storage on hard-drives (no tapes). Camera video storage can exceed 30 days, 60 days or longer! Live and recorded video is accessible from the internet and your network. Panasonic offers a total system solution without reoccurring license fees. RSI also offers off-site digital camera recording storage for disaster recovery of information. RSI is an authorized PANASONIC, HONEYWELL dealer and HANWAH camera software management systems dealer.

ELECTRONIC ACCESS CONTROL & WEB SERVICE - A preemptive approach to security enables you to keep unwanted, unfamiliar, and unauthorized visitors outside, by electronically controlling access at the doors. Staff can enter with the swipe of a card, fob, code, or biometric reader. RSI also offers an internet based access control management programming service with direct customer access to remotely enter program changes without the purchase of expensive software. RSI can supply electric locks and door hardware to interface with the access control system. RSI is a HONEYWELL PRO access control dealer.

DOOR RELEASE - This type of access control system is the most widely used in business today. It consists of an intercom/chime station at entrance(s) and an intercom master station(s) inside. A designated person(s) can answer a call from any door, speak to the visitor, and release the door remotely. This system can be further enhanced with the addition of a surveillance camera at door(s). RSI sells products from AIPHONE COMMUNICATIONS for this application.

24/7 CENTRAL STATION MONITORING - RSI is supported by a 24/7 UL listed central monitoring center. Authorities can be alerted swiftly via our central monitoring center. Once an alarm signal is received, the monitoring center will contact authorities and one person from your provided call list. Alarm transmission can be sent over standard phone lines, over the internet, or via LTE cellular service. How much can your business save if alarm signals are not transmitted over dedicated phone lines? Call for a quote!

SERVICE, MAINTENANCE, & INSPECTIONS - Already have these systems in place - don't neglect proper maintenance and inspections! Maintaining your systems is as important as having them! RSI can service, inspect, upgrade, and integrate your current systems. Remember that electronic fire alarm and notification systems must some times be installed and inspected to meet local codes!

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